Ever heard of a thing called 'Substack?'

Posted by Chip Kerr on

You guys ever here of a platform called Substack? I hadn't either until recently. It is a subscription newsletter service that is more than a blog, but less than a website. A lot of journalists use it and a whole lot of authors use it. I'm not a journalist and I only aspire to ever be considered an author but..... Well now I've got a substack too, author or not.

I am not using it as a business tool, just a way to share some of the entertaining things that I have come across in my career. Like the story of the lady who asked if she could save any money by printing the transparencies two sided. 

Click the link below and sign up. And if you find the stories entertaining share the link with others whom you think will be entertained too.

My Substack.

Enjoy and more soon