Grandpa Ed

Posted by Chip Kerr on

Grandpa EdThis is Grandpa Ed. He was a cool dude. He did interesting things. He went to interesting places. He had two wives, two daughters, and made a big family even if it wasn't in the traditional way of making a big family.

He suffered from Alzhimers so the last couple of years of his life were not as good as the first many years of his life. But it was OK because he was surrounded by family and friends so even if he didn't quite remember who was who or why they were there he at least understood they were there because they cared for him. 

As a sort of tribute to Grandpa Ed I am going to make a couple of shirts in the "Here for Good" idea and donate the profits of those shirts to the Cure Alzheimer's Fund. I chose that charity specifically because they are that rare charity that has all of the donations go to the research. You can see more about them here:

 I will post more about this when I get the shirts loaded up into the store for sale.

And raise a glass to the life and times of Grandpa Ed. He was a cool Grandpa and he will be missed.

Then go hug all your loved ones.