I'm open and here to help!

Posted by Chip Kerr on

So I always call it 'the shop' and 'the studio' because it sounds better. Saying 'the unused in-law studio of my house' just doesn't roll off the tongue. But having 'the studio' in the unused in-law studio of my house means that even with the current quarantine stuff means that I am quarantined into my studio. Put another way.... I am open for business and can print stuff for you. 

Even better, all of my trade-only resources are open too. And that means not just shirts. I can do your signs that say you are open, or closed. I can make your postcards or other marketing materials... you are still marketing your business even during the quarantine, right? 

And almost all of it I can ship to you so the only person you have to worry about breaking the social distancing is your UPS driver or Mail carrier.