My Brand?

Posted by Chip Kerr on

So I was reading recently about how to build and market your brand. It made me realize I don't have an actual brand, at least not in the way they were using that concept. I am a print provider, not a brand. I am not selling Not Just Paper and Ink as some sort of concept like Nike or Rebok. You aren't going to be seeing any kind of NJPI logo branded stuff because, honestly, that is just silly.


I do have a brand that I am trying to develop. 

My brand is Me. I have been doing what I do for over thirty years so I know what things won't work, what things will, and how to help you avoid the one and focus on the other.

So if my Brand is me, how do I describe my brand in a way that would satisfy a SEO Guru or Marketing Specialist, what is the Elevator Speech description of my brand? Simple....

I do the things that other shops don't want to do. I do the things that help other small businesses become big businesses. And by helping them they in turn help me with referrals and ongoing business. In short, I am looking for clients not customers.

Don't get me wrong, Customers are great and I couldn't be in business without them. But customers come and go. Clients, on the other hand, are a kind of partner. They consider me part of their team, I consider them part of mine. To borrow a term from another printer I follow, I consider my clients to be part of my "Print Family." 

So won't you join me and my brand and become part of my Print Fam?