Portfolio Story - Wedding Invite

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Some of the things I do don't really fit into a category that can be displayed well on an stuff for sale site so I will instead take advantage of the blog feature to highlight something that is portfolio worthy.

I work with a fun group of people, one of whom is a party planner. Not the kind of party planner like he hires clowns to make balloon animals, he plans the kind of stuff for a party that you don't think about, things like the invitations and signs and menus and all the things that set the stage before you even get to the party and see the stage that was set. He is very good at his job and I enjoy working with him on his projects.

He was working with a group that is having a wedding in New York City. The Brooklyn Bridge was an important image for this couple so it had to be included on their card. But how do you include the bridge without it looking like you just crammed a photo of the bridge onto an invite? You lean into the lines of the bridge. The cables that hold the thing up set the tone, a great line-art image from one of the image libraries, switch the type to a modern clean line, nothing too fancy for the names... ta-daa!

The final invitation was printed on a nice stock and using thermography and you know it's a good design when the family says Wow and then the printer doing the final work says Wow too!


The design:

Brooklyn Bridge Wedding Invite


The finished piece: