The intimacy of a Hand Shake

Posted by Chip Kerr on

An interesting side-effect of the current crisis is going to be some of the simple things, like a hand shake for example. The long tradition of the firm hand shake with an introduction, or to close the deal, is going to be a rare thing for a while. And that leaves people feeling awkward because what do I do instead?

Fist Bump? That just seems so 'Bro' and somehow doesn't feel right when you meet someone for the first time. And, really, it doesn't feel right to close the deal. It seems too casual, too..... not sure but outside of people you know it just doesnt' seem right.

Bowing? I saw a meme on facebook that suggested that people should Bow, and the other person should Curtsy in return. And that was the game because the Bow and the returned Curtsy were not dependent on gender, the first person to Bow would get a Curtsy in return. Not enough people seemed willing to go with this route, which is too bad because this was going to be fun. 

So a Bow is too formal, and a Fist Bump is too casual. So..... what then?

Sign Language.

Yes, Sign Language. 

We don't need to reinvent the wheel, a whole group of people have already solved our problem.

When you meet someone and need to say Hello:

Basically, a salute. Not as formal as a military salute, but there is no reason why you couldn't 'snap to.'

And since the handshake very often accompanied a thank you, we could go ahead and adopt the ASL Thank You as well.

Basically it's like blowing a kiss. Flat hand, start from just below the lips, go forward towards the person you are saying thank you to. 

Be careful with this one because there are some variants that are not kind. 

So let's do this people. 


And a special thank you to Mr. Dimarco for the animations. Visit his website: