Video Chanel?

Posted by Chip Kerr on

I do most of my own maintenance. On the house. On my equipment. On my cars. I rely on stuff I find online combined with videos on youtube to do most of this work. There are a lot of great videos available. And there are some that are real crap. Not the content, the presentation. There are more than a few things where I don't need to see you do it in real time, I need the set up, the highlight-reel showing the parts that go where and when, and then the finished product. 

Fast-forwarding through the last video trying to fix a thing made me realize that I can make videos too. Some of the things I have figured out how to fix by watching a crappy video I can share with you in a less crappy video. 

So I am adding to the To-Do list to make some videos. Some tutorials. Some how-to. Some just because I have a camera, some software, and a warped sense of humor.

I will share more as I get closer to making some of these videos a reality. And if you can think of something you would like to see me make or print or fix, there should be comment box down near the bottom of this page. You just send me a message on facebook or email at