Why both? Why here AND Etsy?

Posted by Chip Kerr on

Someone asked me recently why I maintain both this website and a store on Etsy. The answer is rather simple.... I am in business. Capitalism!

The longer answer is the different sales channels. Most of the stuff I put on etsy is the 'basic' stuff. Yeah, I have a few adult themed items over there but for the most part it's all of my graphic kind of stuff. A lot of the stuff I do for the Design-A-Day exercises are over there. It's also where I test some of the designs to see what generates likes and view.

Over here on the website I host a lot of the same items as I have in the Etsy store but I also host some catalogs for a few other people like Medusirena's designs, and soon to launch some Ronin Taiko designs. 

I can also have some things over here that wouldn't do well on a site like Etsy, some political stuff, some more adult stuff, some stuff that just doesn't really fit anywhere else. 

So like the little girl in that meme says.... why not both?

why not both

Click here to visit my Etsy store. And while you are there go ahead and Favorite my store so you can see when new things are added. 

But then come back here to buy everything, I don't have to pay Etsy fees over here.