Why do Monday's get such hate?

Posted by Chip Kerr on

Everyone knows we're just working for the weekend. And everyone thank's God it's Friday. Wednesday gets some love although that camel was more than a little bit annoying. Tuesday's are actually more popular than Friday's because Tuesday gets the Tacos and everyone loves tacos! And if you don't love taco's you can just GTFO right now.

But poor Monday.....

Beat on. Picked on. And almost universally hated. 

Well, I am going to buck that trend. I am going to embrace Monday's. I am going to make Monday's.... not exactly awesome, but at least not hated.

Not sure what I am going to call this new movement I'm working on because every search I try for Monday and possible hashtags turns up that song by The Bangles. The song is fun enough, but it is not the spirit I am trying to rouse. And Maniac Monday just auto-corrects to that same song so that's going to be a tough hashtag to get going....

I've got the idea..... now to figure out how to make it happen and then capitalize on it.

I'm open to suggestions if you have any.