I can help you turn a bunch of guys with paintbrushes into a professional looking team that even the most hard-core HOA president or Condo-Commando won't mind being on the property. Starting with some shirts:


Branded Shirts

Yes, you are a painter, shirts get covered in paint. But even a shirt with a bit of paint on it will still look better when it has your company name on it. A branded shirt can turn a gang of random people with paint brushes into a professional painting team.

You can keep it simple for your painters, a nice shirt with your logo on the back, long sleeve if you work outside or short sleeves for working inside. Why the logo on the back? Because people passing by are going to be seeing the back of your guys while they work. 

For you and your sales team you can't go wrong with a simple collared polo with your logo on the front. It's simple, its professional, and it's comfortable. 

Here's a few other things for your consideration:

Yard Signs

You don't always work in areas where people can see you working. Not your client, the other people walking or driving by. You can fix that by getting a simple yard sign with your name and phone number on it to put out by the street. When you arrive stake the sign in the front yard, when you are done grab the sign and go. Think of it like a miniature billboard for your business. 

A basic 18 x 24 inch yard sign starts a $20 and can be done in three or four days.

Truck Magnets

Like the yard sign, consider this to be like a miniature moving billboard. And as a magnet it can be put on your truck today, your car tomorrow, and back to your truck the next day. It's the easiest way to make your every-day driver look like the company car without the cost, and commitment, of doing a full vehicle wrap.

Printed on a quality vinyl, laminated for UV protection, and a strong enough grip that you don't need to worry about blowing them off on the freeway. Prices start at $40 for a pair.





Forms, Receipts, Invoices


Marketing, Mailers, Leave-Behinds

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