Blue Sun Corporation Vinyl Decal

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The Blue Sun Corporate logo has become so much a part of daily life that people don't even notice it anymore. Blue Sun products are considered essential to a person - like water and breathing. Just look for the Blue Sun label. It's never difficult to find. The company doesn't operate retail outlets, but every shop stocks its products. While not the best on the market, Blue Sun products are the most reliable. If you buy Blue Sun, you always know what you're going to get. There are never any surprises - good, bad, or otherwise. Blue Sun produces a lot of different things, but the company concentrates mainly on the basics of life. Folk will always need food and drink, and Blue Sun is there to sell it. They hold the monopoly on packaged foodstuffs, and their products have become essential to people on the newly terraformed worlds. Many new settlers wouldn't have made it through their first year without Blue Sun packaged food.

This vinyl decal comes in one of three shapes: The "Circle" Logo, The "Tall" Logo, and the "Wide" Logo. Each decal is measured across the widest point and is available in multiple sizes.

This is a cut vinyl product so there is no background color, it is only the blue part of the logo. That means you don't want to go putting this blue logo onto your blue ship because you won't be able to see it. The weatherproof, durable vinyl that I use is great for your car, laptop, window, wall, or whatever! It's also super easy to apply because I use transparent transfer tape.

I make these on demand so your order will ship in one to two days from your order, it will ship first-class postage in an envelope, and yes I can make it bigger or smaller than the sizes listed here and I can also cut the decal out of other materials. Message me for more details. If you have any questions, ask before you place the order please. Check out my other items too!

The nice folks over at Vinyl Graphics dot net have a really nice pdf file that explains the best ways to install cut vinyl graphics. Check it out: