Star Wars - Rebel Alliance or Imperial Seal

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Choose wisely.... Are you going to go to the Dark Side? The Imperial Seal is for you and will look most sinister in Black. Unless your TIE Fighter is already black then the White would show up best. Are you going to join Porkins and the Rebellion? Then the Rebel Alliance is for you and will look best in White. Unless you are part of Red Squadron then maybe you should chose red. Either logo is done in cut vinyl and comes in your choice of sizes and colors but looks best in Black, White, or Red vinyl. Each decal is measured across the widest point. This is a cut vinyl product so there is no background color, it is only the black part of the art shown that is vinyl. That means you don't want to go putting a silver logo onto your Silver ship because you won't be able to see it. The weatherproof, durable vinyl that I use is great for your car, laptop, window, wall, or whatever! It's also super easy to apply because I use transparent transfer tape. I make these on demand so your order will ship in one to two days from your order, it will ship first-class postage in an envelope, and yes I can make it bigger or smaller than the sizes listed here and I can also cut the decal out of other materials. Message me for more details. If you have any questions, ask before you place the order please. Check out my other items too! The nice folks over at Vinyl Graphics dot net have a really nice pdf file that explains the best ways to install cut vinyl graphics. Check it out: